Carbohydrates 101: How To Eat Them To Your Advantage

We share a love hate relationship with the carbohydrates! We love to indulge in pasta, chips, and crackers but, we totally hate what they do our body! There is a lot of information out there for carbs and tons of facts, opinions, and conflicts have piled over it. Bad carb, low carb, no carb, and good carb- So much to take in! The issue with the carbs is not the consumption itself, but it is just that we don’t eat other nutrients that are superior and are high in nutrition value. There are many diets recommend avoiding the carbohydrates, but these “misunderstood” nutrients have plenty of health benefits for you. Read on here:

Not all “carbs” are bad

Every food that contains carbohydrates is not bad and not every food item can be termed as good. Some carbs support your health and come with a consistent amount of nutritional value. You can consume the carbs like fruits, starchy vegetables, and some whole grains and simply not binge on junk food.

Indulge in unrefined starches

Our body won’t function properly if we don’t consume enough amounts of starchier foods. Going completely carb free will lead to more cravings, making you feel hungry, and resultantly leaving you with more body weight! Try to indulge in the unrefined foods in small meals as they have enough amount of carbs, provides you with energy, and more importantly, your meals don’t end up being boring.

Find the balance between your health and processed carbs intake

We only eat processed carbs just for one sole reason; they’re delicious! So every croissant or wafer you consume isn’t going to kill you! That doesn’t mean you can indulge in everything you want to. Your food choices come with various consequences like raise in body weight and the sugar level spikes! All you need is to find the balance between your health and pampering of your taste buds!

Know your indulgences

Be honest with you and know what you love to eat! Maybe you are so much in love with those wafers or have got a high sweet tooth. If that ice-cream, cake, or chips make you swoon, go for it. Don’t just excavate; simply own your cravings and eat a satisfying piece of whatever you like. So don’t just keep on avoiding the carbohydrates because it’s trendy! Figure out what works for you and your lifestyle.