Maintaining A Clean & Presentable Yard

When it comes to increasing property value, you’ll need to consider the look and appearance of your yard. In some cases, the way your landscape is presented and developed can impact your homes value by as much as 20%. Sounds like it is a good investment to bring some improvement and much needed upgrades to your yard to help maintain it’s worth. Regardless of whether or not you have thought about selling, you most likely chose your home due to it’s current property appearance, or at the very least, it’s potential. Some dream of a large area with play equipment for their children to enjoy, while others like the idea of an elegant space to host and entertain guests or parties. For whatever the reason, it’s seems as thought your property deserves to be kept in order, clean and tidy. The following are some ideas on how you can help maintain your yard without having to invest an unnecessary amount of time, energy or money to do so.

Start With the Proper Tools & Equipment

Possessing the right tools before you begin will save you headache and frustration later on. If you’re in need of some tools, be sure to visit your local hardware store or garden centre. You will find everything you will need there and helpful staff to show you the way. The bare essentials should do the trick for now in order to cover the basics of cleaning your yard. Do, however, expect to get a little dirty during the process. When you find what you need, you can get to work. Having the right tools will make things easier for you and will also make cleaning the yard fun.

Keep Your Outdoor Furniture, Patio Space & Porch Clean

Some of the best items to have in your backyard is a great patio space and quality outdoor furniture to cater to guests and gatherings. If these areas are not well maintained, the space can become dull and gloomy. This causes less of a desire to visit these spaces. Be sure to clean the furniture each month, make sure they’re put away when it rains and treated with care. The patio can simply be swept or even power washed to reveal its beauty, and the deck can also be pressure cleaned, or even stained if needed to give it a fresh look.

Put Mulch To Good Use

Of course the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a clean yard will typically be mowing the lawn. Forgetting to cut the grass or just putting it off for too long will cause your yard to look messy. Do your yard and your neighbourhood a favour and mow your lawn, or if you don’t have the time or dread the thought of doing it, hire a local lawn care service to get the job done quickly and regularly. If you want to reduce the amount of grass you have to cut, you can always apply mulch to certain areas of the yard. For instance, you can add mulch to the area around your tress & shrubs, or create an enclosure of mulch around the garden. This will add some character to your property and reduce the total surface area of grass. Leaves, yard debris and even tree remains are all good sources of mulch. You can also purchase mulch from the store or a tree service company should carry mulch from all the trees they remove.

Trimming, Pruning & Weeding

It can sometimes be difficult to trim your trees and prune the shrubs, not to mention pulling weeds. Probably because it can be a tough job and physically stressful if you’re not used to doing it. We asked Mike, a professional Arborist at Tree Service Regina (visit about this topic, he says; “though a time consuming task and in some cases may require professional aid, can however become quite enjoyable and rewarding if you are able to pick up a few tips and learn the basics of how to properly prune your trees & hedges. Even one who is dedicated to learn can master this skillset in their own right and current level.” Another option is to split up the work and bring your kids outside to help pull the weeds while you perfect your tree trimming skills.

Clean Up After Yourself

Aside from all the work it will take to maintain a clean yard, it wouldn’t be complete unless you put away all the tools, supplies and equipment you used. Hopefully you already have a place to store everything, instead of leaning rakes, brooms and hedge cutters against the house. Having a large garage can help add storage space for your new tools or even building a small shed or shop in the backyard if you have the room for it. This will ensure your yard is kept free of clutter and items laying on the ground, as well as keep your children safe.

Now that you have some tools and the proper mindset, go out and put it into action this summer. Create a check list and make it a habit to stay on top of the tasks on your list. If you feel overwhelmed with too many chores to do, there are plenty of great property maintenance companies near you that can help.

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Planning a Retirement Party

Planning a retirement party is a daunting task for some people. However, this task will be easier if you follow these tips. Whether coordinating a function that involves a few coworkers or an organization-wide function, you want to bid the retiring employee bye in style. Here are tips that will make planning a retirement party easier for you.

Find out How the Retiree Wishes to Celebrate

You can ask the retiring employee how they would like to celebrate this day. Some employees prefer a small gathering while others opt to throw a large party. It’s therefore a good idea to ask them first. Also include family members and coworkers in the planning process. Depending on the company or organization and the retiree, a retirement party can be a large affair that includes people from the professional and personal lives of the retiree. A person can also prefer to have one party with friends and family and another celebration with colleagues.

Choose the Right Venue

In most cases, people hold retirement parties at their workplaces, local restaurants, and hired halls. However, you can hold a retirement party at a private venue if possible. This will enable speakers and guests to express themselves in a more comfortable way.

Come up with a Guests List

Immediate family members, including children and spouses, as well as the current coworkers are some of the people to include in the guests list. However, for a larger retirement party, you may include extended family members, former colleagues, professional collaborators, and friends.

Reflect the Career of the Retiree with Visual Displays

A retirement party is basically a celebration of the career of a person and their personality. It’s therefore important to show the attendees visuals that demonstrate their personal and professional life. For instance, use visuals to demonstrate work history, as well as professional and personal accomplishments of an individual.

Set a Tone for the Party

When it comes to saying bye to a retiree, humor can be a crucial element. However, humor should fit the situation and the person. Also moderate humor to ensure that nobody gets offended especially if the retiree finds retiring challenging.

Plan a Speech or Toast

A retirement party can include a renowned speak that offers humorous and touching remarks. A person close to the retiree can also make a speech. This can be a supervisor or a spouse that knows the story of the retiree and their career.

Commemorate the Retirement Party

Make sure that the retirement party serves as a chance for producing keepsakes and mementos. For instance, record the event in a video tape to enable the retiree to watch it later. Also provide a memory book for the attendees to sign and write encouraging remarks or express their best wishes for their friend or retiree.

Generally, retirement is a crucial milestone in the life of every worker. Follow these tips for planning a retirement party to make this event extra special for a loved one, a coworker, or a friend.

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